So here’s how the story goes: We had just finished lunch at Papusas in North Boulder and were starting the last leg of our drive home from vacation when Lilly started kicking my seat. Bill told her if she kicked the seat again she would have to walk home and, well, she kicked the seat again. Bill pulled the car over and got out of the car with her. I made sure that he had his cell phone on him and got in the drivers seat to park some 6 blocks away, thinking that she would learn her lesson by that point (she was EXHAUSTED from the long weekend).

Well, not only did she make it the 6 blocks but she and Bill walked the entire 5.4 miles (I just looked at the distance on google maps) back to our house!! She was given every opportunity to call me and ask for a ride home but apparently was determined to walk the entire way all by herself. She never quit and was happy the entire way home, especially when she stopped at Whole Foods for water and a perfect bar at mile 3.2.

We still can’t believe it…our neighbors all waited out front to see her and Bill arrive home (it took about 2.5 hours total)…in the end I think she is the one who taught us a lesson 😉