Fall Class Line-up

The days are getting colder and we have a whole new schedule of Fall classes to keep Lilly and me busy.  Mondays we continue with our playgroup, Tuesdays are daycare, Wednesdays we go to My Gym with some friends, Thursdays we have Music Together with a bunch of our friends, Fridays are reserved for errands and spending time with Daddy, and Sundays Bill and Lilly have Goldfish swim classes.  Whew!  Think we’ll be busy enough?  We also do dinner with Nana and Bapa and Aunt Terry comes over Thursday mornings with a new library book to read with Lilly, not to mention various playdates.  I have to admit that the classes are as much for me as they are for Lilly – lots of fun!  Bring it on!

Spanish Wednesdays!

I am trying to designate one day a week to total Spanish immersion for Lilly.  Wednesdays have been working well for this – we listen to Spanish music, read books in Spanish, and I speak only in Spanish.  Lilly doesn’t really seem to notice the difference but I am really working on the key words that she knows in English like ‘eat’, ‘all done’, ‘nap’, ‘outside’, ‘cat’, etc.  She seems to understand ‘let’s go’ and ‘dance’, but obviously we have a long way to go!

Lilly’s Busy Social Calendar

Lilly is a busy bee!  Mondays we meet with the Beaumont Moms Group (either a formal meeting or to walk the mall), Wednesdays we take a Kindermusik class, Fridays we go to Gymboree, and Sundays are reserved for daddy-daughter swim classes at Goldfish.  Since she stays home with me I try to get her out for ‘social time’ once every day.  We also see Grandma Judy and Grandpa Bill and try to meet up with Laura & Arbor and Karen & Heidi whenever possible.  Next week I’m going to start taking her to the daycare at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I can work out.  I feel like the first 4 months went by rather slowly, but now that she is so busy and moving about the weeks go by sooo fast!


Lilly and I went to our first Kindermusik class at the Birmingham Community House today.  She seemed to really enjoy it, and we got a CD to practice with at home – I’m going to have to re-learn some of the songs I knew as a kid!  We will be going to the music class every Wednesday, and several moms from the playgroup go with their babies as well.  It’s so nice to get out with Lilly a bit more and see some friends.  Looking forward to it!