The Nursery!

The nursery is 99% finished!  We still have to hang her name in bright letters on the wall over the crib (not until she is born, though) and have a few family photos to add.  Her clothes are washed and ironed (thanks to Grandma Sessoms) and drawers are filled with onesies and supplies.  We can’t wait to bring her home!

(click on the image to view the full size)


Packing!Last week Bill drove a 26 foot U-Haul truck to Michigan with all (or most) of our belongings.  We spent the previous days packing up our things and Bill left Tuesday morning at 5am for Birmingham.  He spent Wednesday and Thursday unpacking the house and getting things ready for our final move on the 30th.  In the meantime we are living in our townhouse with scarce belongings:  a bed, basic kitchen items, and some clothing.  This at a time when I am supposed to be nesting (I like to refer to this time as reverse nesting)!

I am really looking forward to the final move so that we can get everything ready for the baby.  Thank goodness for Bill & Judy who already painted the nursery and have spent time on a few household odds and ends!  I’m hoping that the pre-baby energy comes over me just as we make the move so that we can get the house ready quickly and have some time to really enjoy one another.  Just a few loose ends to tie up at school and it will be time to say goodbye to C’Ville.  Sad  🙁