Lilly at 3 Months

Lilly at 3 Months

Lilly at 3 Months

It’s official – Lilly is no longer a ‘newborn’!  We survived the fourth trimester and are so proud of our little girl!

Weight:  12 pounds, 6 ounces
Length:  24 inches
Head:  40.5 cm

First Cold?

Bill felt sick Monday morning and Lilly woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with a stuffy nose.  In the morning I noticed that it had gotten worse, and she continued to be congested throughout the day.  She acted a bit grumpy during the day and I was concerned about her stuffiness in the evening, so Judy brought over a nasal aspirator for me.  Tuesday evening Lilly woke up every 15 minutes until 3am, and 3 times after that.  She didn’t seem terribly sick or in pain, just wanted to be comforted.

Her stuffy nose lasted until the next day.  Last night when I was feeding her and putting her to bed she inhaled 6.5 ounces and proceeded to projectile vomit all over me and the glider.  Aunt Terry brought over pedialyte in case the vomiting continued.  Thankfully it was an isolated illness and not because she was sick!

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and earache.  Apparently Lilly gave me whatever illness she had.  I guess I should get used to it!

Thanks to Judy and Aunt Terry!

Bumbo Baby Sitter

Here is a video of Lilly ‘playing’ in her Bumbo Baby Sitter.

Getting Ready for Winter

After spending two years in Virginia I almost forgot how quickly the seasons change here in Michigan.  Over the past three weeks we’ve gone from t-shirt and shorts weather to sweatshirts and warm jackets.  Lilly and I have been busy taking our last few walks around the neighborhood before it gets too cold for her.  Today I dressed her up in a fleece jacket – you can see she wasn’t too happy about it!  We’re not looking forward to dressing her in multiple layers for the fast-approaching cold weather, but at least she will look really cute!

Fortunately there is a sunny spot in the long Michigan winter for us.  We will fly to my parent’s place in Arizona on Christmas and stay for the month of January.  This will provide us a necessary ‘break’ from bad weather and plenty of time with Grandma and Grandpa Sessoms!

Everything in the Mouth

This past week Lilly has began putting just about anything in her mouth.  She’s placed her hands in her mouth for awhile but suddenly is more interested in toys, blankets, and stuffed animals.  She will grab onto an object placed in front of her and bring it up towards her face.  This makes mom happy because it keeps her entertained for quite some time!  Her favorite toy seems to be her her pink bunny stuffed animal.  So cute!

Happy Baby

As Lilly is approaching 3 months she is much more content for longer periods of time. She is even starting to entertain herself. Yay!

An Apple for the Teacher

Teaching was a perfect way to prepare for parenthood.  The two years I spent at Charlottesville High School taught me many things that have helped me over the past 11 weeks.  I learned patience and how to be an efficient multi-tasker.  With 125 students with different needs, personalities, and levels of ability, you have to be patient.  You also have to be able to write on the board while keeping an eye on students, teaching verb conjugations, signaling an individual student to pay attention, and waiting for a fire drill to be called while someone’s cell phone is ringing.  What a great way to prepare for a newborn!

I also learned how to break up a fight, but hopefully I won’t have to use that skill any time soon (at least until we have another child!).

Pregnant Heidi Klum on Ellen

This funny video clip from an Ellen episode on 9/30 demonstrates how moms are great multitaskers!

Youtube: Pregnant Heidi Klum on Ellen

Morning Smiles

Morning Smiles

Anyone with a baby knows that there is nothing like the smiles you get first thing in the morning.  Here’s a photo I took last week when Lilly first woke up.  It is not unusual for her to skip her morning meal because she is so busy smiling!!!

Note:  Yes, this photo is upside down.  Working on that.  🙂

You know you’re a new mom if…

You find yourself rocking back and forth while waiting in line at the grocery store (without the baby).

You are suddenly excited about poop and pee.

Your husband is no longer aroused by the sight of your boobs.

A two minute shower is cause for celebration.

A camera and video camera are always within reach.

Your baby is far more entertaining than the television.

At the shopping mall you realize you have poop on your shirt.

The hair dryer is used to soothe your baby, not to dry your hair.

Under-eye concealer becomes your favorite beauty product.

You use the word ‘poopy’ repeatedly with with doctors.

Singing is no longer confined to the shower.

You fall in love every day.