Squash, Carrots, and Prunes…Oh My!

Okay, so maybe my description of introducing solid foods as ‘fun’ was a bit optimistic.  Lilly has been slowly introduced to fruits and veggies, which are a LOT messier than rice cereal!  Whoever designed those tiny baby bibs obviously never had a baby – Lilly would do much better with a smock!  In fact, I drape damp paper towels over her shoulders to keep as much food off of her as possible.

She likes to hold the spoon with her left hand.  With a little guidance from me she usually does a great job, but there are certainly feedings where she gets pureed fruits/veggies everywhere (the wall, carpet, cat, and myself included!).  Lilly enjoys the ‘orange stuff’ best:  sweet potatoes and carrots especially.  This morning she got VERY excited about the carrots – kicking, bouncing, and babbling her way through the entire feeding.  Her clothes are in the wash now.  🙂

Rice Cereal

We started Lilly on rice cereal on Thanksgiving.  She got excited about it right away and opens her mouth whenever she sees the spoon.  We are trying rice cereal for a week and will introduce a new fruit/veggie every three days beginning next week.  It’s quite a bit messier than bottle feeding her – but much more fun!