These Musical Girls of Mine

I guess all of the music classes have paid off, because lately Lilly is making up songs and singing all of the time!  Click here to watch a video of her singing along to one of her favorites in the (parked) car today, with a little help from her sister.


After babbling and saying ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ for months now, Robin’s first official word is: “Hi”. She started saying this about one week ago and now it’s to the point where she waves and says hi to everyone she sees. When we walk in her room in the morning after she wakes up, she says “hi” repeatedly for several minutes (all the while with a huge grin on her face). Beyond cute!

Here’s a video of R in action:

10 Months

Happy 10 Months, Ro Ro! Robin is a cruising, dancing, babbling, laughing, eating, attention-getting machine. She says “hi”, “mama”, and “dada” and adores Roary (especially her tail) and her sister more than anyone else. When we are out in public Robin does whatever she can to get the attention of those around her. Her love of food comes second to her love for attention – when we eat in public she flaps her arms and squeals at the people around her and refuses to eat. It’s hard to believe how different she is from her big sister, who was not so outgoing. She keeps us pretty busy but I have a feeling that she’s going to be a real handful when she gets older. 🙂

Here’s a video of R’s new favorite game of Uh-Oh:

From Inchworm to Crawl

4 days ago Robin was still doing the inchworm, but this weekend she decided to crawl! Check out these videos to see her in action!


What do you do when you have all the toys you need from an older child? You still buy new ones for the younger ones. Here’s a video of Robin enjoying her new Jumperoo:

Ring Around the Rosie with Mickey and Minnie

A must see in my book  🙂

Lilly’s 2nd Birthday Party

We had fun celebrating with family and friends for a Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed party on Sunday! Aunt Martha and Nana came early to help set up and Lilly had fun dragging the giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons around everywhere she went. She had a bad fall at the start of the party (first time she really bled from a fall) but it didn’t damper her spirits much and she seemed to really enjoy the presents and the attention. We served veggie burgers and potato salad for lunch and had yellow cake for dessert – yum! Lilly got her first bicycle from Grandma and Grandpa – a pink tricycle that she loves!

Happy Birthday, Lilly! xoxo

For the complete set of photos, click here.

Here is the video of everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday!’

Lilly is 2!

We are so proud of Lilly – hard to believe that she turned 2 years old today!  We spent the morning swimming at Barb’s pool with Nana, played on the porch with new toys this afternoon, and celebrated this evening at Stroh’s with ice cream (Lilly chose Anniversary Cake ice cream) and candles.

Lilly is doing more imaginative play every day. This morning she dragged Mickey and Minnie Mouse around the house and introduced them to all of her toys. We love it when she talks to herself and has little conversations with her toys – amazingly cute! When I put her down for naps or at night now she talks for awhile about what she did during the day or what she wants to do when she wakes up (last night she said, “umm…play in the sandbox, and play with toys, and get wet, and see Nana Bapa, and Roary, and Robin…”). She also loves to sing and knows Ring Around the Rosie, The Wheels on the Bus, and other songs by heart (also knows ‘Goodnight Moon’ by heart). She knows most of the ABC’s and counts to 20 (although she skips number four and mixes up the ‘teens’). Lilly LOVES doing art projects and asks to do one about 4x a day. Lately she is experimenting with asking questions and starts sentences with ‘happened’ or ‘doing’ to ask what happened or what we are doing.

Lots of love to our baby girl!

Weight: 25 lb, 3.5 oz
Length: 33.5″
Head: 48cm

Dinner with the Girls

I Love You!

Our Fat Tuesday gift? Lilly said, “I Love You” for the first time! She will mimic just about anything you say to her at this point and doesn’t necessarily ‘get it’, but it’s just as special to me!

Note: I did not prompt her to say anything about calling Dada. 🙂