Arizona Update

We have been in Arizona since Christmas Day and are enjoying our time here.  It was so nice to spent time with my brothers, cousins, and niece.  Lilly adjusted to the time change immediately – I was actually surprised.  Her naps were on schedule and she slept right through them.  She was also mostly sleeping through the night.  I’m certain that watching Leela wore her out!

Leave it to our little girl to change her sleep patterns on us once everything settles down!  The past three nights she has been up several times a night.  She isn’t hungry – just needs some help settling back to sleep.  We think she has hit her 6 months growth spurt or has a little bug (Todd and Bill have both been sick.  I’m sure it will work itself out shortly.  Meanwhile I’m sleeping better than I have since she was born, which is wonderful.

We have taken advantage of the weather each day.  It doesn’t get any better than 72 and sunny – which it has been every day this week!   Bill & I visited Scottsdale Sunday and sat by the pool and Lilly & I have taken daily walks and even played pickle ball.  I have made it to the gym every day and started running again.  Bill has done a lot of intense bike riding as he continues to heal from stress fractures.  I have been riding bikes a lot as well.  Actually, I’m kind of upset that I let my mom take my old bike to AZ with her!

Gobble Gobble

This Thanksgiving Bill and I have more to be thankful for than ever before.  We celebrated our 4th Anniversary and, of course, introduced Lilly to her first family holiday.  My parents were in town all week and we enjoyed a festive dinner at Aunt Terry’s.  It was a very special day – can’t believe that Lilly will be eating turkey and mashed potatoes with us next year (that is, if we decide not to raise her as a vegetarian)!

Lilly’s First Halloween!

Yesterday we celebrated Lilly’s first Halloween!  She wore her ‘My 1st Halloween’ t-shirt and dressed up as a flower to help pass out candy.  We did not go door-to-door this year because it is a bit cold, but we’re already thinking about what she will dress up as next year!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to ‘the dads’!

And a very special Happy almost-Father(s) Day to Bill.  You are an exemplary husband and I can’t wait to get to know you as DAD!

Easter Weekend

While in Michigan we celebrated Easter Sunday with a brunch at Bill and Judy’s.  Terry and Gary joined us before we headed back to Charlottesville.  Above is a photo taken at Woodward Hills on Saturday with my grandma, who was recently released from the hospital.