Scheduling.  Okay, so here’s the thing.  I think I would be better off if I didn’t read a single book about infants.  Seriously.  I am a true perfectionist when it comes to certain things so when I read in a book what a typical newborn ‘schedule’ is like, I feel badly when this doesn’t happen.  Can’t help myself.  For several weeks I worked to get Lilly on a predictable schedule, but every day continues to be different and I am ‘okay’ with that now.  She is, after all, A BABY!!!  We do have our routine down – here is what it looks like (more or less):

  • wake up between 6:30 & 7:30, eat
  • tummy time & play time, mommy and baby yoga
  • nap time (mom showers quickly), eat
  • dancing with mommy, bumbo baby sitter, reading
  • nap time, eat
  • run errands or long walk with mommy, sleep on and off in car, eat
  • tummy time & play time
  • nap or play while mom watches Oprah  :), eat
  • walk
  • sleep in swing while mom eats dinner, eat
  • 7:45 – bath time, eat
  • 8:30 – sleep (eat 2x during the night)
    Nap time is different every day.  Sometimes she naps for 30 minutes and sometimes 2 hours.  She is definitely more predictable than she was earlier and I expect she will fall into an even more established routine over the next several weeks/months.  She certainly keeps me on my toes!