Lilly had her first ‘bad’ fall today.  We were in her playroom and she was balancing on one of her toys when she slipped and fell face-first onto the wood floor (of course she missed the play mat!).  I watched the whole thing happen and when I picked her up her nose was bleeding.  It was so awful!  Her nose stopped bleeding and she calmed down quickly, but as soon as she did I was a complete mess – called the doctor and Bill, who asked his parents to come over for some support.  I knew she was fine because a few minutes after the incident she was laughing and playing.  I just cleaned the blood off and gave her Tylenol and nose drops.  First time seeing her bleed – I’d like to think that it will never happen again, but I know that we will see plenty of blood and tears.  Especially with our little adventurous girl!