9 weeks

9 Weeks

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

So excited to announce that we are expecing another baby!  Lilly and her sibling will be 21 months apart.  ‘Lumpkin’ (thank you, Uncle Todd, for the name) is due on April 15th – hard to forget because it’s also Tax Day!

I am 13 weeks along today and things are going very well.  I was feeling nauseous accouple times a day from weeks 7 through 11 but it was never very bad and seems to have subsided.  More tired with this one than I was with Lilly – probably because watching a 15 month old seems to be more work than watching 150 high school students!  Definitely have occasional food aversions (my favorite green curry is a thing of the past) and have been craving SALT:  salads with ranch dressing are my new favorite food and -gasp- white rice (we normally only buy brown) is a common lunch.  This is definitely a change from my pregnancy with Lilly, when I craved nothing but fruit and sweet stuff.

We are ‘undecided’ as to whether we will find out the baby’s gender.  Ultrasound is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.

This is an especially exciting time because FIVE of the moms in our parenting group are expecting between March and May.  Lots to celebrate this Spring!

Keep posted for changes to our blog and updates!